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Desmond Brooks

For Desmond Brooks, architecture is far more than simply drawing plans for buildings.
During a career that has spanned projects in the United States, Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia,

Desmond has developed very definite views on his profession. It is this that has helped him develop
Media Five Australia Pty Ltd into what has to be the leading architectural and Design Corporation -
known as ..more


John Rust

In the practice of architecture over three decades, John has created the designs and reality for a wide range of resort, retail and residential projects that have helped to redefine and enhance urban environments.

John sees each project as a unique opportunity to explore ..more



Lee Dunne

Lee Dunne has practiced architecture in a wide and varied field on local and international projects for the past 40 years.

As designers the passion to design was nurtured by people designing for people. Travel to experience the response of the world’s masters and to appreciate quality and imagination beyond out local perspective is essential. ...more


Patrick McGuinness

In a span of three decades, Patrick has been involved in the design of a wide range of resort, retail and residential projects including lead and senior roles on major projects in Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

Before moving to Australia from Dublin, Ireland in 1983, Patrick ...more

" I believe in the concept of 'marketecture', a project is of no use to anyone unless it is marketable." Desmond Brooks

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