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About Us

Desmond Brooks Architect DBA

Desmond Brooks Architects is a design company specialising in resort projects both domestic and international. Their current projects are spread worldwide from Mexico to Greece, Indonesia and Australia.

DBA is a design cadre with a core of very experienced senior design Architects and a company philosophy to understand the project location context and client needs, give it full attention and in a carefully considered manner create the right design solution.

For DBA life is indeed a stage and the locations and buildings are the theatre and sets. They should enhance our lives and contribute beauty and balance. A building should present and open to arrival and continue to open new and interesting vistas as we progress through it. The building, it’s setting and interiors is seen as a one entity each facet providing stimulation and eliciting a response from the user.

DBA’s company focus is design, from concept through to project delivery. With carefully structured consultant partnerships, the design concepts are brought to realisation while the integrity of the design concept is maintained.

" ..when a client comes to us with a proposal, they don't just want a building. They want masterplanning, interiors, landscaping and graphic support - all of which we can provide." Desmond Brooks

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