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The ILIAD Masterplan Section

The ILIAD from Myth to Reality

Greece's luxury integrated resort on the mythical island of ITHACA

Situated on the coast line of the island of Ithaca in the Ionian sea the Iliad resort is set in a uniquely beautiful location.Close to the island capital of Vathy overlooking a natural bay the resort reaches down to the blue clear water of the Ionian sea.

Since ancient times the island has been known as the home of a mythological heroes. It was the home of Odysseus from the Odyssey of Homer, and from whose epic poem The Iliad, the resort takes its name.  Ithaca was the stage for their tales of adventure and heroism.

The Iliad resort is a design to set the stage for modern day adventure of luxury and travel. The hotels, villas and golf course surrounding a new yachting harbour provide world class facilities in this truly unique location with a history and culture that spans from myth to reality.