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Tanjung Lesung Masterplan Section

Tanjung Lesung - Venice 2020

The world's first water themed resort city.

Tanjung Lesung is situated North West of Java, facing Sumatra across the Sunda Strait and placed just where the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean meet. This unique area is an internationally recognised land and marine region with the UNESCO World Heritage listed Ujung Kulon National Park, encompassing the natural reserve of Krakatoa, also in close proximity. The land area is of great natural beauty and interest while the sea is home to a vibrant and thriving marine biology.

Even though the Sunda Straits has an extensive history of sea trade and sailing, Tanjung Lesung, as a new water city, will be a unique development for Indonesia and the surrounding region; in particular it is expected to be a compelling drawcard for the international tourist, as well as home for many who will enjoy a relaxed and luxurious waterside lifestyle in one of the earth’s most unique and precious locations.
The design of the proposed development will compliment and be sensitive to this unique and wonderful area and to the region of West java. The infrastructure will be developed to modern international standards with concern for maintaining the great attraction of the environment.

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