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Desmond Brooks Architect and Concept Designer  

"Our designs concentrate on the people who will live and work within
what we are creating"
Desmond Brooks

Desmond Brooks Architect

For Desmond Brooks, architecture is far more than simply drawing plans for buildings.
During a career that has spanned projects in the United States, Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia,
Desmond has developed very definite views on his profession. It is this that has helped him develop
Media Five Australia Pty Ltd into what has to be the leading architectural and Design Corporation -
known as Desmond Brooks International (DBI)
Today, Desmond practices as Desmond Brooks Architects, a design cadre. The DBA team comprises of talented and skilled individuals with whom he has had had a long association over twenty years and they share in his passion and ethos for architecture. He maintains close personal and professional ties with the company that he founded DBI Design Pty Ltd.

After completing his formal duties in Melbourne, Desmond moved to Los Angeles where he worked for
a variety of architectural firms on major hotel and casino projects. In 1961, he moved to Hawaii where
he designed numerous tourist, commercial and housing projects.
In 1982, Desmond moved back to Australia and moved to the Gold Coast and established Media Five
Pty Ltd, on the Gold Coast. His initial project was the design for the Sheraton Breakwater Hotel and
Casino in Townsville.

Over the next 20 years, the firm expanded to become a staff of 60 operating from the corporate
headquarters on the Gold Coast as well as Brisbane, and Cairns.
Desmond says “when a client comes to us with a proposal, they don’t just want a building. They want
master planning, interiors, landscaping and graphic support – all of which we can provide.
Desmond strongly believes in the concept of “marketecture” a project is of no use to anyone unless it
is marketable.

“Our designs concentrate on the people who will live and work within what we are building”.
Desmond feels it s an inescapable fact that most people take far more notice of the interiors and landscaping of a building than of the building itself.
We are really in the business of creating functional and delightful spaces. An architect’s job is not to
build a building – it is to create spaces to particular uses

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