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John Rust Architect and Concept Designer

John Rust Architect | Concept Designer

Desmond Brooks Architect DBA

In the practice of architecture over three decades, John has created the designs and reality for a wide range of resort, retail and residential projects that have helped to redefine and enhance urban environments.

John sees each project as a unique opportunity to explore ideas of physical and social context, program, sustainability and space.  He endeavours to create architecture that will positively impact its environment while addressing the specific needs of the client and the people who will ultimately use the buildings. In his national and international work he strives to bring sensitivity of place and cultural context into the design process.

John joined Media Five, later become Desmond Brooks International (DBI) in 1983 and served as design Architect and conceptual designer and Associate Director for 15 years. He left to establish his own successful architectural practice, design consultancy and to pursue development interests in Australia.

John nurtured close relationships with Desmond, Lee and Patrick sharing their enthusiasm for their craft and joined DBA in pursuit of their mutual passion.

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