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Lee Dunne Archiitect and Concept Designer

Lee Dunne Architect | Concept Designer

Desmond Brooks Architect DBA

Lee Dunne has practiced architecture in a wide and varied field on local and international projects for the past 40 years.

As designers the passion to design was nurtured by people designing for people. Travel to experience the response of the world’s masters and to appreciate quality and imagination beyond out local perspective is essential.

The challenge of creating a private space to a public stage is achieved by listen

ing to the client and understanding the context. Excellence in design needs no explanations. It is the response of a skilful team suffused with passion, knowledge and purpose.

As a director of an architectural practice in Melbourne involved in hotel, resort, civic, commercial, retail and educational commissions Lee joined Media Five that later became Desmond Brooks International  (DBI)  as Conceptual Designer working on major international projects.

For the past twenty years Lee has had strong relationships with Desmond, John and Patrick with a shared passion for excellence in design culminating in the DBA cadre where the excitement and passion continues.

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